Alongside my love of photography I really enjoy making short films, and in particular timelapse films. The selection below are some of the best and most popular films I have made over the past few years. Currently my latest timelapse film will take a look at the county of Wiltshire; its beauty spots and some of the lesser known spots, to capture it in all it glory.


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Bristol Balloon Fiesta 2014 Timelapse Film


From 7th-10th August 2014, Ashton Court in South Bristol was packed with up to 500,000 spectators as the largest hot air balloon festival in Europe provided an incredible visual treat. I headed there on the 8th and 9th (Friday and Saturday) to timelapse the balloon ascents and the night glow (harnessed balloons lit up to music).


It was a spectacular event and it was a brand new timelapse subject for me. Put the film to fullscreen, switch it to HD, turn the volume up and enjoy!

Two Weeks In Cornwall | Dew Seythennyow Yn Kernow


As the title of the film suggests, I spent two weeks holidaying in Cornwall in early September 2014. I spent a week camping near Hayle and a week near Falmouth and took loads of photos, but in particular time-lapses and video to compile into this; my latest short film. It features locations such as St. Ives, Godrevy, Falmouth, Durgan, Rosemullion, Flushing and Sennen and so far, it's had a really good reception, particularly from Cornish tourism companies.

Falmouth Tall Ships Regatta 2014 | Parade of Sail


Whilst on holiday in Cornwall (making the film above!), I visited Falmouth for the 2014 Tall Ships Regatta. As a thriving coastal town that is deeply proud of its maritime history, Falmouth hosts the event in which stunning ships from around the world gather to exhibit. They then race from Falmouth to the Isle of Wight.


There were hundreds of boats surrounding the tall ships as they paraded through the water - a spectacular sight!

In Autumn's Clothes


Made during autumn 2014, this time-lapse film was shot entirely in Wiltshire, my home county. It explores some of the beautiful scenery including places such as Shearwater Lake, Stourhead Gardens, West Woods near Marlborough and Morgan's Hill Nature Reserve.

Sun Up, Sun Down: A Short Timelapse Film


Sun up, Sun Down is a time-lapse film that follows the course of a day. From first light at sunrise, though to last light at sunset and then on into night time, this film explores the relationship between light, motion and shape within nature. The film was shot entirely in the rural county of Wiltshire, England. Individual locations include Roundway Downs, the Vale of Pewsey and Morgan's Hill although the majority of the timelapses feature little known woodlands, hills and fields that cover the county.

The Day The Fog Rolled In


Filmed at Shearwater Forest and Corsham Park Lake over two very foggy days in March 2014, this film explores the dark atmospheric conditions this type of weather creates.

The Longest Day: Summer Solstice 2014 Timelapse (4k)


On the longest day of the calendar year - 21st June 2014 - I timelapsed the solstice sunrise and sunset to record the rising and setting sun. Sunrise was timelapsed at Cherhill while sunset was timelapsed at Roundway Hill. Both were Iron Age forts, from where people have watched sunrises and sunsets for thousands of years. Cherhill and Roundway are close to Stonehenge, the most famous solstice viewpoint, and Avebury stone circle too, where thousands of people gathered to watch and observe the 2014 summer solstice.

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