About James

From a young age I've had a love of both photography and nature, and over the years I've found that my two passions overlap and as a result I developed a love of nature photography.


I love nothing better than being face-to-face with nature, whether sitting in a hide or trekking through the countryside, and find photography a way of expressing this.


I grew up within the rural county of Wiltshire and have found it provided abundant flora and fauna to photograph, as well as stunning landscapes of outstanding natural beauty, that constantly inspires and challenges my photography. In fact, it was a huge benefit and a great privilege having areas such as the Wessex Downs and the Cotswold’s on my doorstep. I now live in Cornwall and have the beautiful coastal landscape to photograph.

Photography Experience

Having gained an interest in photography in my school school years, I studied Marine and Natural History Photography at Falmouth University, achieving a First Class degree. My work included a dissertation paper on the success of Red Kite populations in mid-Wales and the Chilterns, exploring the reasons behind their advancing numbers, comparing the natural re-population of Wales with the reintroduced bird population in the Chilterns. In addition to this, I undertook a 7 month habitat study of Bissoe Valley Nature Reserve, an old Cornish arsenic mine, photographically recording what species were able to live in the polluted and barren environment. The three years were also a unique chance to explore and photograph Cornwall's rugged coastal landscape and rich wildlife.


In July 2011, I was shortlisted for the Landscape Photographer of the Year competition, whilst in 2012 I was shortlisted for the British Wildlife Photography Awards.


I have previously worked as a freelance photographer; visit the commissions page to see some of the work I undertook during this time.


In October 2014 I was part of a small team sent by Savannah Education Trust to visit the 6 schools that have been set up in the remote villages surrounding the town of Lawra in the Upper West District of Ghana. As the photographer, my role was to capture the savannah landscape, the Ghanaian way of life, the Savannah schools and school life in my images. It was a fantastic experience being immersed in a completely different culture, meeting new people and photographing new subjects.

Buying Prints

Please get in touch via the contact page if you are interested in buying a print of one of my photographs. Let me know the size, medium and specifications and I can advise on a price.

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